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"Great sale! ASPM rocks! Great guys to work with, very knowledgeable, and customers love them. Everyone wins with this sale!" Wayne, MI ---- "Steady traffic, good trades, gets the staff excited and keeps it that way the entire event!" Aurora, IL ---- "Great entertainment! People had fun and were very excited. The weather was cold & rainy, still had a great sale!" Tyler, TX ---- "ASPM did it again!! Welcome back! ASPM team were very helpful with the sales and managers in making event super successful! Loved the energy!" Indianapolis, IN ---- "The ASPM Event was great! Awesome event. Will break $100k in gross by tomorrow!!" Sublimity, OR ---- "Always a pleasure to have ASPM come work their magic. We had excellent turn out with some good sales results. My salesman needed this positive mojo!!" Glen Carbon, IL ---- "ASPM team performed wonderfully! Professional and slowed process down to turn ups into buyers!!" West Branch, MI ---- "Holy Traffic! Great showroom management and ASPM staff. Great result!" Chicago, IL
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Why use ASPM Events?
ASPM Event's invitations are one of a kind! Having no envelope, our eye-catching, plastic card invitations are immediately attracting the attention of the consumer and driving qualified buyers to our dealer clients. With the majority of dealers using traditional paper mailers, this is a unique opportunity to stand out and above from competing dealerships and a great way to magnetize new market-share.
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A Program Designed With One Thing In Mind!
ASPM Event's End-to-End sales event program covers all aspects needed for a successful event and gives the consumer a buying experience to remember. Each piece fits with the next to produce a powerful impact on the bottom line - GROSS SALES. ASPM Events has refined the program formula down to an exact science using all traditional and modern modes of marketing and advertising needed to reach and pull in as many qualified buyers as possible. If your dealership is serious about bringing in new and return buyers, then contact us today and get with the ASPM program. pic
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