Digital Marketing

Conquest Digital Email Marketing (Not your database)

Your message in front of “IN MARKET BUYERS” all month long!



Week 1 – get rates, rebates and offers / create email invitation.

Tues, Oct. 9th – 1st email drop.

Tues, Oct. 16th – 2nd email drop.

Tues, Oct. 23rd – 3rd email drop to the openers.

Tues, Oct. 23rd Facebook Retargeting.


Track every click and view from your 24/7 dashboard.

(CO-OP could cover up to 50% of the cost)



Multiple emails to everyone in your market area that has opted in online (Auto,,, KBB and more) and expressed an interest in purchasing a vehicle in the next 30 – 90 days.  Multiple emails combined with Facebook retargeting ensures your message will create BDC and showroom activity.  



Digital Marketing Email Blast Samples: