Lights, Camera, Action! It’s the Event

The ASPM Events set up creates an exciting, buying atmosphere for the customers. Providing an 8 ft high retractable banner, along with a professional putting rug and registration table let the customers know you have something special going on.

On-Site Host and Director

During your ASPM Event, it’s business as usual with you working your own deals. The ASPM Events team of two is there to manage traffic, over see the putting contest, keep tabs on all registered guests, and if needed, will assist in closing.

The HOST of the event will be set up with a laptop computer and printer to register, pre-qualify and will run each customer through a quick interview process to capture pertinent contact and vehicle information. All information is printed and handed to the sales personnel so they will know exactly which direction to work each customer.

Vehicle of interest? Current vehicle loan balance? Monthly payments and who they are financed with? Each and every registered guest is a live upfront T.O.!

All ASPM Events DIRECTORS are extremely professional, have 10+ years in the car business, and have management experience. They will be another set of eyes for your management and if needed, will assist in closing deals whether the customers are on or off the invitations. We would like the opportunity to talk to every customer for the final T.O. for two reasons;

1) To thank them again for coming out to the event and as you well know, different personalities can make or break deals.

2) Not being a part of your sales team allows them to take a different approach when overcoming objections to work the customers into a new vehicle. The ASPM Event Directors are extremely motivated and are a true asset to any sales team!


Hooks and Raffles


Just for stopping by, the customers have an opportunity to win $28k+ in cash & prizes, with odds specific to the amount mailed for the event.

The ASPM Events putting contest gives the customers opportunity to win as much as $3,300 just for going through the process of purchasing.

Just for stopping by and registering, all customers get a chance to putt for $100 CASH. We then motivate the customers to take a test drive by rewarding them with a second opportunity to putt for $2,000. Last but not least, we reward all who purchase or work numbers with a third opportunity to putt for an additional $1,000!

With a chance of winning $20,000 or a brand new vehicle just for stopping by, plus up to four opportunities to putt for up to $3,300, you can count on a huge influx of floor traffic during your ASPM Event. All customers who pre-register online before attending the event get a bonus putt for $200.

ASPM Events Raffle

The ASPM Events raffle package is designed to create excitement and drive the customers, who didn’t purchase, back to your dealership to give your sales team a second opportunity to sell! All customers whether they received an invitation or not, are given a raffle ticket and are eligible to win the raffle prize.

The raffle is held during the final hours of the last day of the event to re-flood the showroom, creating excitement and more sales!

Social Media During the Event

It’s the day of the event, all of the hard work in planning is done, but there is still an incredible opportunity to gain even more traffic.

Social Media is in real time. This means we can implement specific strategies to broadcast the event through Social Media channels and engage with those that had not attended yet. We can broadcast live on Facebook, utilize Snapchat, and post on Youtube what they are missing.

By responding in real time to those comments and questions on Social Media channels, we can energize those that may have been on the fence about coming to the event or keep creating more exposure for those that didn’t know what the event was all about.

By continuing to engage those on Social Media during the event, we can allow those not physically there to still participate. Imagine having your event broadcast live throughout Social Media channels online and in real time.