Pre-Registration Website

On all ASPM Events invitations, your potential customers will be prompted to pre-register on a website specifically created for your ASPM Event.

Once logged on, the guests will be asked to provide their contact information and are then asked 6 “YES” or “NO” car buying related questions.

The 6 car buying related questions will give you a better picture of their current vehicle, if they would be interested in buying a new vehicle and if they will be available to attend your ASPM Event.

  • Will you be able over the sale dates to attend the event?
  • Did you purchase your last vehicle from this dealership?
  • Do you currently have over 50,000 miles on your vehicle?
  • Does your current vehicle have any bumper to bumper warranty coverage from the factory?
  • If you are currently financing your vehicle and could get a new car and keep your payments the same or lower, would you be interested?
  • If you own your car outright and could receive top dollar for your trade, would you be interested in trading it in?

As soon as the customers hit “submit,” they are then redirected to your website so they can start viewing your inventory.

A coupon is immediately e-mailed to the customers to assure a quick registration process while at the dealership and qualifies them for an additional opportunity to win $200 CASH!

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Hot Lead Generator

The ASPM Event’s pre-registration website is a HOT LEAD GENERATOR for your BDC or sales team. All invitations prompt your potential customers to pre-register on a website custom designed for your ASPM Event.

Once logged on, the guests will be asked to provide their contact & vehicle information, who they’re financing with, monthly payments and the loan balance of their current vehicle. The questions asked are designed to give your team a clear picture on each individual customer to strategically land them on the right vehicle and how to structure the deal.

Each time a customer pre-registers for your Event, an e-mail is sent to you containing the customer’s contact & vehicle information, and the answers to our questionnaire. The answers provided will help your team determine the best way to work the hot leads into a new vehicle.

It’s highly recommended to start calling and pre-setting appointments as soon as the hot leads are received.

On average, 100-200 HOT LEADS are generated prior to the start date of the event.

Pre-Event Social Campaigns

Social Media is a critical element in all areas of the event planning.

The pre-event stage is predominantly getting people excited to come and participate in the event. In this industry, we know that car buyers test-drive dealers on social media. It’s the same with events.

We will engage your audience and implement pre-event social media campaigns to pre-register visitors and ensure the event is a success.


We run specific contests, giveaways, and present teasers of the upcoming event. Often, we can leverage the success of past events with user generated content (content generated by the customers or potential customers) for re-targeting and illustrate the relevance of the event. We want people talking about these events before they even occur. Showing the events as an experience, not as a typical visit to the dealership.

We also use social ads, such as Facebook Sponsored Posts targeted at your specific demographic. This is a very targeted ad that prevents wasting marketing dollars on broad promotional strokes and channels.

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