Targeted Audience

Targeted Audience

The most important element in a successful direct mail campaign is preparing the right list of customers to invite. The ASPM team is proud to have an exclusive list manager who has been targeting the right buyers for over 25 years, strictly for the automotive industry. With the capability to reference as many as 32 different indicators, our “Proven Formula” gives us the ability to target those who have a history of buying your product lines, and those that share similar buying trends of those that have a history of buying your product lines. All mail goes out 1st class and is sent 7 days prior to the sales event. Early bird traffic and sales are very typical. Postal receipts are available upon request, and yes, we can meet your co-op requirements.

ASPM will target those who are coming up on their buying cycle, and those coming up towards the end of their lease. This is 100% TARGET MARKETING and will focus on your new and pre-owned sales. By completing the ASPM dealer inventory profile, we will be able to target buyers specifically for the vehicles in your current inventory.

ASPM cuts the fat from your mailing list by sophisticated filtering, de-duping of household addresses & names, and remove businesses. We are one of the few in the industry with less than 2% return mail. With the average in the industry being well over 5%, ASPM takes pride in not wasting your investment on undeliverable mail. All returned mail is scanned and removed from our data base to assure our lists are current and up to date.

Vehicle Buying Criteria

ASPM can reference up to 32 different indicators to assure we are targeting the right buyers.